Beautiful Living

Welcome! I'm back as promised with some more pictures to share from a recent project- a new build that was a part of the 2016 Fall OKC Parade of Homes. I shared all about this home's big white kitchen here, and today I'll be highlighting the entry way, living room, and dining room. Ready?

When I first saw the plans for this house, and read the notes indicating a barrel ceiling in the front entry, I knew that this home was going to be exceptional, with or without my help. The builder did an amazing job creating such beautiful aspects to work with, that it was truly an honor for me to be able to select the finishes that would highlight all of the home's gorgeous details.

Only a month or so from being finished, I was admiring the trim work in all of it's natural glory. It was awesome watching it transform from this stage....

To this. Why, hello!

I stuck with a fairly neutral color palette throughout, especially in here, since I wanted the room to feel spacious, yet full. It was also really important to me to highlight the home's architectural details, and not take away from it.

I went on a road trip with my husband to the Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas, just the day before I starting styling the home. I was able to grab a couple things from the store to incorporate into the decor, including this lovely piece of wooden artwork with a saying that totally spoke to my woman/wife/mom heart. (Each line is at least a two hour conversation with a friend over coffee, am I right?) The awesome experience from the trip, along with spending the next day styling a beautiful new home, had me feeling all Joanna Gaines. Not my worst day.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "How do I decorate the space around my flat screen TV?" My answer: Mount the TV if you can, and keep it simple. Raising the TV onto the wall will magically make all that looming overhead space melt away, just like a large mirror or piece of artwork does. Also, resist the urge to keep adding wall decor above the TV, or filling the space below with a myriad of family picture frames and distracting busyness. Just keep it simple with a couple of pieces that fill in the space proportionately, or even flirt with keeping it blank. If you can't mount the TV, focus the attention to the wall space on the sides instead, like adding large artwork, pictures stacked in two's, sconce lighting, or shelving. Each space can bring it's own challenge, so shoot me a message if you're stumped!

I love how the home is really open, but yet each space is very individualistic and transitions easily into the next. Perfect for entertaining, as well as managing family day-to-day living (aka kid wrangling).

So I went on and on in my last post about how the paint color I chose for the house (Sherwin William's Silver Strand) was a pretty gray with hints of blue, but I totally forgot to mention that it can also go a little green depending on the light source and even the decor. I'm digging the versatility.

I'm always trying to keep my designs fresh and gracefully unexpected, but sometimes I let my inner nerd child come out and go with a perfectly balanced schematic. Symmetrical design tends to soothe my tender OCD mind. You know I was making sure those pears were lined up perfectly until I couldn't see straight. ;)

Need some fresh greenery that's cheap and lasts? These Monstera leaves are your answer. I grabbed these at our local Whole Foods store for about $4 a piece and they are still looking fresh a little over a month later. Stagger separately in glass vases or place together-- either way, they make a beautiful choice when you need a bigger statement piece that won't break the budget.

Well that's it for today! Thank you for coming by and letting me share this project with you. I hope you are enjoying it. I'll be taking you through the home's office and master bath next, so come back soon!



Helpful Sources:

J. Howell Construction- Builder, (405) 613-1981

Bob Mills Furniture- All furniture

Rod Diller- Metro First Realtor, (405) 412-8988 (Did I mention this house is for sale?)

Photo Credits: Brandon Haynie