Light, Bright, and White Kitchen

I started working on this dream project back in April of this year. The house is a two-story, 5,000 sq. ft. spec home that was finished just in time to add her to the Fall 2016 OKC Parade of Homes lineup. The experience and collaborated outcome was nothing short of amazing. I'll be sharing some of the spaces with you in a couple of posts, but today I'm starting with the kitchen and butler's pantry.

I'm not going to lie, I was totally spoiled on this project. I was given full creative control, and I ran hard with it. So this kitchen is very close to my heart as the final product is very similar to what I would probably chosen for myself if I were building or remodeling. From the beginning I envisioned lots of white, an elegant but welcoming feel, family friendly, and honestly... a show stopper. With lots of talent along side of me, I feel like we achieved it.

The kitchen was designed to be fairly large with lots of natural light, so I knew I wanted to play that up by using lots of lighter elements and touches of gray. The cabinets are painted in Sherwin William's Alabaster in semi-gloss, which is a great choice when you need a shade of white that's not too cool and not too yellow.

The counter tops are a beautiful white Carrara Quartz, and the island is a warm gray by Sherwin William's called Mindful Gray.

Marble subway tile backsplash ties everything together, adding a richness that is timeless and a backdrop that is versatile.

A copper sink is a little unexpected, but I like that. Want some friendly designer advice? Don't be afraid to mix metals. I've got three metal finishes going on in this kitchen, and I wonder if you didn't notice until I've pointed it out. You can miss out on some great decorative elements if you keep everything too vanilla. The secret for a cohesive design using different metal finishes is to not cluster them too close together. Let them shine (pun intended) on their own.

I used Sherwin William's Silver Strand throughout the whole house. Silver Strand is my "go to" blue gray paint. In the morning it's leans gray, which is calming and feels somewhat coastal, then throughout the day a subtle blue will start peaking through. The color is more subdued in the kitchen because of all of the natural light, but the effect is perfect, creating grays in one area and blues in another.

The kitchen can be seen from every downstairs room, so it was important to me to keep the view clean and unobstructed. Glass pendants were my solution. They add beautifully, and don't take away.

I love putting a round table in a square space. Wasn't there a 80's TV show called something like that? I just aged myself. But seriously though, I love the feeling this room evokes. An eating space is where memories are made (the good, the crazy, and the messy right?), so I wanted it to be light and welcoming. The table is reclaimed wood with a gray glaze, which keeps it from feeling too heavy, and the seagrass chairs with white cushions add soft texture and contrast.

I knew I wanted a lantern for the eating area, but I had not entertained using a chrome finish until honestly the very last second. I was planning on going with something a little more rustic, and when delivery time frames weren't going my way, I had to change my plan. I couldn't be more thankful for the delay in the other fixture, otherwise I wouldn't have opened my mind to this shiny beauty.


This room was originally supposed to be just a pantry with no extra frills. No window, no cabinets, no granite or marble, just shelving. That wouldn't have been the worst thing, but who doesn't drool over a lovely butler's pantry? I shared my vision with the builder, and the change was a go. I also suggested adding a round window for interest and natural light, but unfortunately a central air conditioning line was going right down the middle of the wall, so the idea was nixed due to additional cost and labor. I was sweetly surprised on my next visit to find the line moved and my precious window added. You know I did a little happy dance when I saw that.

Look at that window reflection in the glass. Love.

An obviously staged shelf in the pantry, but I had to share. I fell in love with the saying on the artwork right away..."All I need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus." My sentiments exactly.

So that's it! My light, bright, and white kitchen. I'll admit it was difficult to say goodbye when it was time wrap up. I'm hopeful that new owner's will enjoy it in the near future.

In the next post I'll share the entry way, living, and dining room with you. Here's a sneak peak into the main living areas...

See you soon,


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Photo Credits: Brandon Haynie